Lecture - Algebraic Geometry I (Winter term 21/22)

This course offers a first introduction to Algebraic Geometry. Using the modern language of schemes, we will build up the basic vocabulary necessary for any further studies in the directions of Algebra and Number Theory.

The lecture will be held in English. I will offer written script accompanying the lecture. For some reason, this script is in German. However, there is no need for this material: Everything necessary for the weekly exercise sheets and exams will be delivered in the lecture as well.

You can find the webpage of this course in the "Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis" here. There is also a webpage of this course in the G.R.I.P.S.-System here but this will only be used for the mailinglist. Therefore I strongly recommend to register there even though it is not official in any respect and any relevant information can be found on the webpage you are visiting right now.

Please see the sections below for anything concerning dates, exercises and exams.


Organizational matters regarding the lecture:

The lecture will take place twice a week. There is no official obligation to attend but it is of course highly recommended, if you want to take the exams (see below).
Until no further Corona-changes are made by the University, the lecture will be delivered in a hybrid format: You may attend either physically or virtually via zoom.
The lecture will not be recorded.

Organizational matters regarding the exercise session:

There will be two weekly exercise sessions accompanying the lecture.
One of them is held by Yassin Mousa, the other one by Sebastian Wolf.
The meetings will start in the second week: the first meeting of Yassins group is on Wednesday 27th, the first meeting of Sebastians group on Friday 29th.
Until no further Corona-changes are made by the University, these sessions will take place only physically.
There will be weekly exercise sheets (see above) provided each Wednesday.
These exercise sheets may be handed in in pairs of at most 2 students.
If you are interested in a "Studienleistung" (see below), these have to be handed in the subsequent Wednesday until 4 pm electronically (as a pdf-file) to yassin.mousa[at] or to sebastian1.wolf[at]

Yassins group:
Sebastians group:

Final exams (Prüfungsleistung/Studienleistung)

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